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You're Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney

May 14, 2021

This week Katie breaks it down with hilarious TikToker, writer, and content creator, itsmetinx aka Christina. Tinx shares how she got her nickname, why she joined TikTok and how “making the content that you wanna see“ has been the driving force behind her videos.  She helps Katie understand how to find your niche on TikTok, and why it is that she’s so obsessed with rich moms . Tinx lays out her simple and clear advice for to help you get out of your own way, create success for yourself, and how she strives to always stay in the present. Her words of wisdom are sure to become your new mantras. If you want to find out why done is better than perfect, why comparison is the thief of joy, what Tinx thinks about crocs, and why male strippers freak Katie out, you’re gonna love this episode!

Produced by Dear Media